The Artist Rolls is shutting down

In a move that will surprise no one who sees the date on our last interview, we're closing down The Artist Rolls. We had a wonderful time making it. We got to meet amazing people. And now new opportunities have pulled us in other directions, so it's time to admit we won't be adding to our interviews.

If you've listened to even one of our podcast episodes, thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means. And we encourage you to keep listening to the many, many wonderful podcasts out there. May we suggest:

The Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast from Austin Tichenor (episode 12)

Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw (episode 18)

The Dork Forest hosted by Jackie Kashian (episode 21)

And whatever you choose, remember to leave them a positive iTunes review, or even drop them a friendly note via email or the socials. Podcasting is just a few people in a room, and the contact with listeners is treasured.

Just as we treasure you. And who knows, we may be back. Until then, or until whenever, we hope you stay well and happy.

Your pals,

Jamie & Sean

P.S. You can still listen to the podcasts via iTunes or on Libsyn until November 30. Then all The Artist Rolls content goes to that great USB Drive in the sky.