29 - Tessa Hulls Wants to Know "What's Over There?"

We visit artist, writer, adventurer, and self-described "flight risk" Tessa Hulls in her studio to talk about the complementary appeals of solitude and community, the attraction of the kinesthetic experience of creating – and cows, dinosaurs, porta-potties and her rapper name, "T-Wrecks".


tessahulls.com - More info about Tessa, including links to her portfolio, blog, and Facebook page.

On Silence: Off Paper Editor Tessa Hulls Returns From Hiding In Alaska (http://www.projectroomseattle.org/off-paper-blog/2014/11/on-silence-off-papers-editor-returns-from-hiding) - A short piece by Tessa that starts in the Antarctic landscape and leads to a meditation on creation and personal transformation. 

What Is Home (http://youtu.be/HTca_UXlrHg) - Video of the artist lecture Tessa gave at Microsoft, She describes it: 

At the end of the day, it ended up being about the question "What is home?" and some of the topics covered were: Calvin and Hobbes, glacial erratic boulders, medieval mercenaries, stuffed penguins, germanic word roots, humane foie gras raising techniques, upholstered dinosaurs, The Princess Bride/Inigo Montoya, Alaska, the choice to not take photos, Bjork vs. Belle and Sebastian, trash cans full of glitter, ponies at slumber parties, Wile E Coyote, breakups, Antarctica, bicycle travel, The Wind in the Willows, observatories in West Texas, The Phantom Tollbooth, poetry, braided river bars, murals, Kurt Vonnegut, stamps.com, and a whole bunch of other things.