39 - Alex Stein Is "Recombining, Re-exploring, Reimagining, and Entertaining"

Writer, documentary filmmaker, and storyteller Alex Stein talks about the interconnectedness of things, about starting with spontaneity and honing it with craft, and about how an audience can change not only the experience of a piece, but even its meaning.


alexmstein.com - Alex's website, where you can see, read, and hear some of his stories, and get info about his story collection No, Mr, Bond, I Expect Your Dreams to Die

mushthemovie.com - Trailer and info for MUSH, Alex's documentary about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

facebook.com/alexmstein - Alex's Facebook, with a lot of discussion and information on storytelling.

twitter.com/coldfootfilms - Alex's Twitter feet.