22 - On Meeru Dhalwala's Menu: "Safety, Love, Dignity, & Fun"

Chef, restaurateur, and author Meeru Dhalwala describes her amazing motto, tells us how her background in Third World development influences her current work, and describes the surprising way she feeds her inspiration to create new dishes.


Meeru's Restaurants - 

  • Shanik (shanikrestaurant.com) - a modern Indian restaurant in Seattle that serves Meeru’s personal Indian cuisine 
  • Vij's (vijsrestaurant.ca) - a Vancouver restaurant that is "easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world" according to New York Times food critic Mark Bittman
  • Rangoli (vijsrangoli.ca) - opened in Vancouver with the premise that "there is no such thing as a typical Indian curry"

Meeru's Cookboks