Summer Interlude, Deux - Shakespeare Off the Page

We've got some good news, and some also good news. Which do you want first? OK, good news first:

SOTP Logo.png

This week's interlude features Shakespeare Off the Page, a podcast started by The Artist Rolls' own Sean Mitchell. It presents Shakespeare's writing as it was meant to be experienced--in performance, not in a book. Off the page, indeed. Sean applies his skills as a trained actor to reading speeches and poems both famous and less so--and then provides illuminating insights about the enduring relevance of these works.

And now, the also good news:

The Artist Rolls will be back next week! Yep, we'll be returning, tanned, rested, and ready, in a brand new interview with a fascinating creator. 

So enjoy Shakespeare Off the Page, send Sean a note/tweet/comment encouraging him to make more of the things, and then join us here next week for more fun new perspectives on creators and creating.

Kermit cheer! Yaaaaaaaayyyy!