16 - Puppeteer Rachel Jackson Is Two, Two, Two Guests in One

"As Long 'sit's Funny"

Rachel's Motto

Rachel Jackson graphically describes the tragic lifecyle of the piñata, tells us how puppetry counts as both solo and collaborative, and introduces us to her compatriot Dr. Lenny, who brings some deranged analysis to the proceedings. She also tells us about creating Manos: Hands of Felt, a puppet version of a cheesy horror movie made famous by Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Vox Fabuli: Rachel's puppet company

MANOS: Hands of Felt: "The worst movie of all time brought to terrifying puppet life!"

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam: Live at Bumbershoot, "a cabaret-style puppet show for grown-ups, created and performed by puppeteers from the Pacific Northwest (and beyond!)."

Stories for Bad Children: A Halloween show—with puppets! (All Halloween shows should be with puppets.)