Summer Interlude - You Have [1] New Message

We made a promise.

We're taking a brief summer break here at The Artist Rolls. But we promised that you could trust us for continued podcasting goodness even during the break itself. They called us mad. They called us rash. They rang our doorbells and ran away (kind of childish, really). But we remained steadfast in our commitment to you, the Listener.

[1]nm logo A.png

And now we deliver on our promise, with this, our first interim podcast. It's a quick retrospective of Jamie's previous podcast, a series of comedy/sci-fi sketches called [1] New Message.

We hope you enjoy it. And we'll back soon to our regular programming of new perspectives on creators and creating.

WARNING The attached audio may contain:

  • Incompetent spies

  • Deadly grimoires

  • Megalomaniacal aliens with poor planning skills

  • Commentary by the creator

  • Silly voices