12 - Austin Tichenor is Expansive on Reducing Shakespeare

He played one of the shortest-lived Hamlets ever in The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (Abridged). He voted to impeach the President on 24.  Now actor, playwright, and podcaster Austin Tichenor (128/384ths of the Reduced Shakespeare Company) joins us for a free-wheeling conversation on making a living as an actor and playwright, why Kirk is the "groin" of Star Trek, and the joys and demands of expanding the "Reduced" universe to include comedies about such topics as sports, The Bible, and comedy itself.


Reduced Shakespeare Company - The source for all things "Reduced," including Austin's most excellent and long-running podcast (one of the role models our podcast aspires to).

In the Garden - A production of Looking Glass Theater that Austin is performing in through June. If you're in the area, head on over and catch some excellent theater.

Austin's IMDb Page - Man, he's been on everything.