6 - Paul Mullin Pivots from Playwright to Author

We caught up with writer Paul Mullin as he makes a pivot from award-winning playwright to concentrate on prose and memoir. Paul talks with us about the Seattle dramatic arts scene, his unique approach to creating community around the normally solitary life of being an author, and takes us on a fascinating discussion about luck. And Sean and Jamie improv an act break, with predictably unpredictable results.


  • Just Wrought  Paul's personal and portfolio site
  • Gossamer Grudges Full text of one of Paul's recently published plays, with an interview
  • 14/48  "The World's Quickest Theater Festival", discussed on the podcast
  • Sandbox Radio  Also discussed in this episode,  contemporary theater recorded live for podcast

Paul's Answers

Here's Paul's answers, in graph form. Click on a picture to magnirize it: