25 - Alexandra Sokoloff "Dreams" of "Productive Philosophy"

Just in time for Halloween and NaNoWriMo, we talk with bestselling supernatural, paranormal and crime thriller author Alexandra Sokoloff. Alexandra joins us via etheric transmission from Scotland to chat about when her characters take over the writing process, some of the ways that ebooks and audiobooks are the changing the landscape of publishing, and how her experience as a screenwriter in Hollywood helped her develop Screenwriting Tricks for Authors, a series of articles, workbooks, and workshops on applying screenplay story structure to writing books. 

Also, Alexandra gives our podcast a new tagline when she describes it as "bizarre--but in a good way." That's exactly what we are aiming for...


alexandrasokoloff.com - Alex's main site, and the central source for news and info about all her books.

screenwritingtricks.com - Alex's blog and articles about her Screenwriting Tricks for Authors series.