The Show

On The Artist Rolls, our guests fill out a form loosely inspired by role-playing game character sheets. This unique format is the result of some guiding principles that we agreed on when we first started planning the podcast:

nd most importantly, spending time each week chatting with creative people about their work is tremendous fun. We have a good time putting this show together. We hope you have a good time listening to it. Drop us a line, and let us know what you think.

The Hosts

TAR on Skype1.jpg

Sean Mitchell is an actor and software developer (go figure) and swears that the two disciplines are the same.  As a developer he worked at Microsoft, and as an actor at many Seattle area theaters.  He is now embarking on career number four...

Jamie Gower  is a writer, director, and occasional performer. He also makes the scifi-comedy videocast, [1] New Message, a series of mini sci-fi/horror epics masquerading as voicemails from "a more interesting now."  You can find out about even more things Jamie gets up to on his portfolio site.