39 - Alex Stein Is "Recombining, Re-exploring, Reimagining, and Entertaining"

Writer, documentary filmmaker, and storyteller Alex Stein talks about the interconnectedness of things, about starting with spontaneity and honing it with craft, and about how an audience can change not only the experience of a piece, but even its meaning.


alexmstein.com - Alex's website, where you can see, read, and hear some of his stories, and get info about his story collection No, Mr, Bond, I Expect Your Dreams to Die

mushthemovie.com - Trailer and info for MUSH, Alex's documentary about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

facebook.com/alexmstein - Alex's Facebook, with a lot of discussion and information on storytelling.

twitter.com/coldfootfilms - Alex's Twitter feet.

38 - Dom Zook Uses a Simple Test: "Must Love Dragons"

New media producer Dom Zook joins us to discus the challenges and opportunities of producing content for the web, his path from performer to producer, and how dragons are a useful barometer for getting to know new people.

But wait, there's more: Dom and his compatriots will be part of Extra Life: Tabletop Appreciation Weekend (extra-life.org/tabletopweekend), this Sunday, 4 October, at 12pm PT. They'll be playing D&D to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Check it out, and help heal kids!


Savingthrowshow - This one name gets you everywhere that Dom's show Saving Throw lives on the web. Search! Click! Find!

  • website (savingthrowshow.com)
  • Youtube channel (youtube.com/savingthrowshow)
  • Twitch channel (twitch.tv/savingthrowshow)
  • Twitter feed (@savingthrowshow)
  • Facebook page (facebook.com/savingthrowshow)
  • Instagram (instagram.com/savingthrowshow/) 

Become a patron of Dom and Saving Throw's ongoing efforts to "teach you not only how to play RPGs, but why" at The Saving Throw Patreon (www.patreon.com/SavingThrowShow?ty=2) -

37 - Ben McFadden Says "Dare to Suck"

Theater professional Ben McFadden tells us about how he embraces risk and spontaneity when performing, how he's shaped a career both onstage and backstage, and the appeal for him of playing "broken" and unappealing characters.


Ben will be appearing in The Art of Bad Men at MAP Theatre from September 25 to October 17 (https://www.facebook.com/events/667351036646666/) .

And you can see him in Where the Wild Things Are at Seattle Children's Theater from January 7 to February 21, 2016 (http://www.sct.org/Shows/2015-2016-Season/Where-the-Wild-Things-Are).

36 - Amy Engelhardt Slays Words to Bring Ideas to Life

Amy Engelhardt, vocalist, composer, lyricist, and former Bob, chats with us about why it's a good thing when creation makes a  "bluaah" sound, how all performance is ultimately interactive, and how she became an honorary member of the Vienna Boys' Choir.


www.amyengelhardt.com - Amy's website, with info, photos, videos, writings, and more.

www.cdbaby.com/amyengelhardt - Amy's album: "By turns pensive and provocative, sardonic and smart without mercy, her solo album cuts straight to the heart of the matters - and grey matters."

http://amybobtales.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-great-land-alaskan-chautauqua-part.html - Part one of Amy's writings and photos from her travels through Alaska with the New Old TIme Chautauqua.

eepurl.com/Fm7S9 - Sign up for the Amy's newsletter bringing you all the latest Amy news.

35 - Ignoring Artistic Boundaries with Ron Stilwell

Musician, recording artist, and spiritual instigator Ron Stilwell makes some great rolls, and talks with us about the unique challenges of being a solo recording artist, the joys of the modern house concert, and just what he means by "spiritual instigator."