41 - Amy "Vorpal Sword" Vorpahl Asks "Please Be Weird"

Actor, writer, producer, and gamer Amy Vorphal talks to us about becoming a producer in order to be an actor, why she feels RPGs are for everybody, and why she refers to any type of soda drink as a "Coke."


amyvorpahl.com - Amy's website, with info, demo reels, and links to all her social presences.

@vorphalsword - Amy's Twitter.

thenobleamy - Amy's Youtube Channel.

Patreon.com/savingthrowshow - Support Saving Throw, the online family of  RPG tutorials and entertainment that Amy is a part of. 

The Podcasters Roll: A New Year Begins

Listen in on a behind the scenes conversation as Sean and Jamie discuss the successes and challenges for The Artist Rolls in 2015, and then plan their approach for a brand new season.

Which 2015 episodes were the most popular? Was the "Podcasters Roll" experiment successful? And what do Luxembourg, Sweden, and the United Kingdom all have in common? Hear the answers to these questions—and get an inside look at what changes are afoot for 2016.

II - The Podcasters Roll: Spectre

Can it be? It is! It's another episode of The Podcasters Roll, where Sean and Jamie choose a topic by rolling a d6. We then either a) provide fresh insights on that topic with witty and insightful analysis, or b) give each other a hard time about it for 15 minutes or so. (Hint: the smart money's on option b.)

This week: Bond returns in Spectre, and we have two very different reactions. And we actually refer to one scene as "when Voldemort fought Moriarty."

And remember: you can have a direct hand in the future of The Artist Rolls by spending just a few of your Earth minutes to fill out our Listener Survey. We would really appreciate your input. Thanks!

40 - Jonathan Spencer Performs "Art Imitating Life Imitating Art"

Performer, administrator, writer, and vocalist Jonathan Spencer tells us about how he is helping carry on a show that has been a California tradition since the 1920's, how getting (and beating) cancer actually ended up being a lucky break for him, and then maybe inadvertently reveals that he is actually a Time Lord.


Bracebridge Dinner (bracebridgedinner.com) - John is both Production Manager and plays Squire Neville in this holiday tradition that transforms the grand Dining Room at Yosemite Park's The Ahwahnee into an elaborate Renaissance hall for a remarkable dining experience full of Christmas pageantry and tradition. 

Pocket Opera (pocketopera.org) - John will be appearing in Pocket Opera's production of King For a Day in April 2016.

Lamplighters Music Theater (lamplighters.org) - John is a long-time performer with this company producing the comic operas of Gilbert & Sullivan and other comparable works, and will be heard in their upcoming releases of recordings of The Grand Duke and HMS Pinafore.

I - The Podcasters Roll: Halloween

Here for your ears is the inaugural episode of a new feature from Sean and Jamie: The Podcasters Roll. It's just us hosts behind the mic, as we pick six topics of interest in the world of creators, creating, popular culture, historical culture, and anything bright and shiny that's caught our interest. We roll a six-sided die to choose one topic, and then have a whirlwind in-depth discussion. It's fast, it's fun, and above all, it's random.

This week we tackle Halloween. Timely, yet still randomly chosen.

The Podcasters Roll: it's the Thunderdome of podcasts—six topics enter, one topic leaves!